Simple, hearty recipes for health and joy!

Whole Foods, Plant-Based!

Delicious and healthy at once! This whole food, plant-based vegan recipe will help you stay healthy, lose weight and enjoy life all at once. The sweetness of dates and bananas combines with cashews and avocados perfectly.
A perfect way to stay healthy or lose weight. And eat a lot of tasty food in the processes. Full of vegetables and satiating, low glycemic couscous, this stew combines healthy and delicous! The couliflower stew has no oil, sugar or any kind of processed food. Its completely vegan, whole food and plant-based!
A meal that heals! Creamy and soft, this is a meal that is deliciously healthy! The whole food, plant-based ingredients are full of flavor and nutrients. If you want to enjoy life, stay healthy and lose weight, this is one great meal for you!
All natural and delicious. This is a pie full of flavor and without sugar! The whole food ingredients give this plant-based pie a complex and enchanting flavor. It has any sugar, dairy or oil and it tastes better because of it. A guilt-free snack that will keep you health and help you lose weight!
The perfect holiday recipe that is plant-based with only whole food ingredients. 100% vegan! Homemade colorful pumpkin pie recipe that is so healthy and delicious, without any harmful substances. Ground walnuts and dates mixed with the wonderful scent of cinnamon and vanilla in the crust and on top of that steamed pumpkin and more cinnamon! Delicious and bright! An amazing color combination between brown crust, orange filling, and white topping! Enjoy!
Easy and quick Creamy Parsnip & Cashew Soup! This is one homemade soup recipe, that is oil-free and prepared with only whole plant food ingredients.  Boiled parsnips, carrot, onion, and potatoes are pureed with some raw cashew nuts and vegetable broth into this creamy and tasty warm soup! It has a silky and creamy texture that comes from the cashew nuts. This Parsnip & Cashew Soup is super rich in flavor. It is also vegan, dairy-free, and soooo simple!
Fresh avocado mashed with some garlic, basil, turmeric, and other aromatic herbs. Combined with soft chickpeas for the most creamy and tasty spread ever! This homemade recipe is prepared with only whole plant food ingredients and is absolutely oil-free!
An easy and quick plant-based recipe that is 100% vegan and oil-free! Only whole food ingredients are used! These almond raspberry snack bars are super healthy and chewy. Raw almonds are combined with fresh raspberries and coconut flour, sweetened with dates for a complete taste sensation!
One super healthy Baked Giant Beans with Mushrooms recipe! Prepared with only whole plant-food ingredients, without any oil. 100% vegan! Soft giant beans, combined with highly nutritious mushrooms and veggies, seasoned with cumin, thyme, paprika, and nutritional yeast!
A super fresh and colorful salad made with only plant-based ingredients. Absolutely oil-free! Green salad, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, green onions all mixed together with super nutritious broccoli and delicious tofu cubes!
Superb recipe for a Light & Easy Strawberry Dessert! It is made with plant-based ingredients and is free of oil, yet super tasty. Creamy raw cashews, chia seeds, coconut flakes, lemon juice, oats all mixed with the most aromatic and flavorful fruit strawberries.
A plant-based recipe, made with only whole plant food ingredients. Super healthy and delicious spicy balls made of chickpeas, sesame, and sunflower seeds, all that seasoned with one of my favorite scented Cajun spice mixes!
A plant-based recipe that is super healthy and delicious!Chocolate vegan cake, filled with fresh bananas, covered with a fantastic raw banana avocado frosting for a more chocolatey flavor.Completely vegan and mostly whole food, this is one healthy dessert that you can enjoy guilt-free. Super high in micronutrients and no empty calories!
A nutritious soft combination of strawberries, dates, coconut flour and nuts. Just a small amount of chocolate to make them even more irresistible. So tasty, comfort food!
This is a dairy-free, sugar-free, oil-free chocolate cake! Super calorie-light but unbelievably tasty. With juicy raspberries for a touch of freshness and aroma. For those special occasions when you want to prepare something sweet and delicious yet healthy as well.
This super healthy cream soup is delicious and nutritious. Whole natural plant ingredients and completely oil-free! Not to mention how easy and quick it is to prepare. A saver when you don't have many ingredients in the fridge! And a super tasty saver, it is! The slightly sweet taste of carrots mixes perfectly with the curry powder taste and aroma.
Super tasty and easy Bulgur and Spinach recipe! Highly nutritious bulgur mixed with spinach, onion, garlic, seasoned with various spices! Superbly healthy, with only whole plant ingredients!
Butternut squash mixed with onion and garlic, seasoned with basil, rosemary, turmeric, and other magnificent spices makes this creamy vegan pasta even more delicious. A whole food meal with natural plant ingredients that will keep you healthy, satiated and satisfied!
Easy Chocolate Raspberry Mousse recipe! Truly healthy, it is plant-based and almost oil-free. Super fresh, filling and easy to prepare. The sweet and rich flavor of the chocolate mousse mixes perfectly with the slight tartness of the raspberries. With low-glycemic berries, this is a dessert that actually boosts your health!
A nutritious soft combination of strawberries, dates, coconut flour and nuts. Just a small amount of chocolate to make them even more irresistible. So tasty and healthy comfort food with whole natural vegan ingredients.
Healthy Bean & Leek Casserole | Super nutritious! The perfect combination of the superfood that beans are and antioxidant-rich veggies! With only whole natural plant ingredients, this is a dish that is truly healthy as it is delicious. Take care of your body with this healthful meal! Perfect for weight loss as well! | WellnessDove
Raw almonds mixed with coconut shreds, vanilla, and fresh lemon juice. All that rolled in extra coconut shreds for a moment of pure joy! Super healthy vegan!
Fresh and colorful Raw Vitamin Salad! Super healthy and full of flavor. Quite easy to prepare as well. This nutritious salad has the most inviting vibrant colors. And it is as tasty as it is beautiful. Juicy and full of freshness. With whole natural plant foods.
Super juicy and fresh whole plant foods cake. No sugar and no oil! It is filled with fresh fruits and layered with this fantastic, creamy blueberry frosting! All this covered with the tastiest blueberry topping ever! This cake is a perfect dessert for any occasion or whenever you need something sweet and healthy!
Super healthy and delicious, homemade chocolate cake! The walnuts give a nice, chunky texture while the chocolate frosting has an amazing rich flavor. Plant-based recipe, without added oils! |Weight-loss supporting cake!
Super simple and tasty vegan recipe. These creamy avocado and dates balls combine perfectly with the cocoa powder to create a real truffle taste with whole plant food ingredients. These truffle balls taste like an exquisite dessert while being perfectly healthy.