We believe that diet is the foundation of good human health.

And, as it is with all animals, there is a human diet as much as there is a cat diet.

Cats are predators while humans are herbivores.

Sure, we have evolved to eat meat and dairy as a means of survival but the healthiest people on Earth thrive on plant foods and almost no animal products.

Whole natural plant foods are the foods we are supposed to eat. A plant-based diet is capable of meeting all our nutritional needs while maintaining and even restoring our health.

Why it is so and why plant foods are the best for you is a broad subject that we aim to explore on WellnessDove.

We do not aim to hook you on or sell you some new miracle diet plan that nobody else thought of before.

We are no such geniuses who believe that we could outsmart the wisdom of mother nature.

What we want to achieve is to help you start and stick to a whole foods, plant-based diet in the long term.

It can be hard.

In fact, in our opinion, most people know deep down that plant foods are the healthiest, that they should eat less meat and dairy but it just seems impossible to achieve in practice.

What foods to eat? How to prepare them? Where to buy them?

Most importantly though what will the others think of me?  How to keep my friends and my health at the same time?

And ultimately, how to stop that ice cream/cheesecake from calling my name so loudly?!

Eating healthfully is more of a psychological challenge than a practical one, we have found out.

That is how, we believe, we can help you.

  • We hope to provide enough information about how whole plant foods are healthy so that you know what to answer Mr. Ice Cream and Ms. Cheesecake the next time they present themselves.
  • Help you understand why bad food tastes so good and how to defend yourself.
  • Understand others and dissipate social pressure so that you do not have to fight it.

We know we live in a world where unhealthy food choices are abundant.

Everything has two sides to it and so does human progress.

We have better houses, better roads, even better healthcare but we also have an environmental crisis brewing.

We also have more food that we have artificially made so tasty we find it hard to resist.

It’s human nature to prefer unnatural, super caloric foods and replace the humble ones that nature provided.

Yet, we were made to thrive on natural foods. Once we realign ourselves with how we are supposed to eat, the allure of animal products and processed junk disappears.

We sincerely wish we help you get and stay there.

In any case, seek health consciously, always!