Helping you Thrive on healthy whole plant foods!

Hello and welcome! Here you’ll find delicious and nutritious whole food vegan recipes as well as articles explaining how foods affect us.

My name is Venny and together with my husband Andy, we create all the recipes, articles and photography on WellnessDove.

I am a medical doctor, a resident in clinical dietetics and a cooking enthusiast.

Andy has a master’s degree in psychology and is passionate about the connection between our mind and our food choices!

I believe that diet is the foundation of great health and whole plant foods are the way to get there.

It’s become my passion to apply my medical knowledge into creating great-tasting, healthy recipes that have the power to heal!

Eating completely whole food, plant-based has given us so much more energy and vitality and helped us regain our health.  

Andy stopped his allergy medication, lost 40 lbs of weight and his chronic stomach pains, diarrhea and vomiting issues disappeared. My autoimmune hypothyroidism has also improved significantly. We also get sick almost never as well!

Our goal is to help you be your healthiest by sharing nutritious, tasty recipes and explaining how foods affect our health so profoundly!


Healthy and tasty.

The recipes here are whole food, plant-based. The great majority of them are oil-free and without refined sugars.

Simply put, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, fruits with some nuts and seeds. No dairy, eggs, meat, and highly processed ingredients. Here’s why you should eat whole plant foods and here’s how they keep you healthy.

No outlandish ingredients, though. I try to cook with everyday, simple ingredients that you can find in your local supermarket.

When I tell people we are plant-based, they assume that we must be getting all of our food from the health food store. We go there once a month at most!

Every recipe is homemade, tested, simple and truly healthy!

The Articles

Unhealthy foods seem to have the uncanny ability to charm us under their spell and have us eat them!

It isn’t magic, though, it’s simply the unnatural world we live in.

A century ago people didn’t have access to cheap and super accessible sugar, oil or animal foods.

They were expensive and prized, to be eaten on special occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Today, because of technology, these are ubiquitous.

We hope that our articles will help you understand why we are attracted to these foods and why they are so unhealthy for us.

By combining my medical/dietetics expertise and Andy’s knowledge of psychology, we want to explain why unhealthy foods can call you by name sometimes and how to resist them!

Why we created WellnessDove

My experience while working as an M.D. showed me that true health truly cannot come only from medical procedures and drugs but healthful living. I saw firsthand how ineffective medicine can be sometimes in treating the chronic diseases that cause most of the suffering throughout the world.

So I went on to explore the power of diet and I am currently doing my residency as a clinical dietitian. 

And if you think about it, diet is our greatest exposure to the outside world and it is only natural that our health depends first and foremost on what we eat.

That’s why it has become our vocation to help you know what to eat and how to practically achieve it. Creating healthy, wholesome recipes that taste great seems to be the easiest way to provide you with the practical skills to start eating healthfully and be healthy!


In a nutshell, profoundly.

We have so much more energy, we feel better, stronger, lighter. You can read our article about some of the ways going plant-based changes your outlook on life!

Probably the most noticeable change is that Andy lost over 40 pounds of weight and he eats as much as he wants. He’s been struggling with his weight and yo-yo dieting since forever so that’s such a relief for him.

Also, since a small child, he has been suffering from chronic stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting (the stomach-grabbing, ‘I cannot move’ type of stomach cramps) but now that’s practically ‘cured’.  He also was suffering from severe seasonal pollen allergy since kindergarten but now the symptoms are so mild he’s off medication.

Myself, I am quite surprised that my autoimmune hypothyroidism has improved. This is actually a serious condition where the body is slowly destroying the thyroid gland and the thyroid gland controls so many things in the body. Your body basically slows down and you lose energy and motivation.

To my surprise, though, my TAT antibodies went into the normal range and my MAT antibodies are reduced 4-fold. Currently, I am at the lowest possible dose of my hormone-replacement medication! And I feel better and more energetic than ever!


Since I am a doctor, people often ask what they should eat. When I tell them to eat whole plant foods, they don’t know what to do.

It became obvious that no matter how well anybody knows what they should eat, they need to actually know how to prepare the food!

For me, providing others with healthy recipes and practical advice is probably the best way to cure most chronic diseases, boost the immune system and ensure optimal health.

The recipes on WellnessDove are my prescription to you for great health!


Every day we are bombarded with conflicting messages about what healthy eating should be. And they all seem to be working for some folks!

A diet that makes you lose weight rapidly does not mean a healthy diet, though. It might just be that you are eating foods that the body cannot use for energy or are even harming you!

Healthful eating means a diet that promotes weight loss today and a healthy body decades from now.

In that sense, the only healthy diet is one that is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, some seeds and nuts with no animal foods and minimally processed ingredients.

Whole natural plant foods are the only reliable source of all vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and antioxidants. They greatly reduce the risk of all chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes or cancer while supercharging your immune system. Processed foods and animal products do the exact opposite and harm our health in the long term.

That’s why we create and share our whole natural plant food recipes and tips – to empower you with the tools to protect your health with the power of whole plants! All of that while eating delicious food day in and day out!


Technically, we are, although we do eat some honey. We don’t like calling ourselves vegan, though since there is too much stigma.

Personally, we have experienced substantial health benefits by eating exclusively plant foods and we try to avoid animal products as much as we can.

We actually don’t want to eat animals now. When you feel that much better and you are so much healthier, animal foods just lose their appeal.

And we honestly believe that we should since it’s better for our health, our planet’s health and the wellbeing of the animals.

It’s a win-win-win situation really.

That said, we don’t blame anybody for whatever they are eating.

Trying to be 100% vegan in such a non-vegan world can be tough. It’s way better to eat mostly plants with some animal products instead of deciding that veganism is too hard and not trying at all!

That’s why we just want to help you be healthier by eating more plants. One vegetable at a time!



I am a medical doctor, a resident in clinical nutrition and a certified clinical homeopathy practitioner who believes that prevention is the best medicine.

I have come to the conclusion that diet of whole natural plant foods is the gateway to great health. I also have some training in psychiatry so I can give you insights about living healthfully without allowing others to lead you astray.

First and foremost, I believe that I can help you most with great recipes and practical advice. And I happen to love cooking!

Andy. I am a bit of a health nutjob who never drank alcohol, smoked a cigarette or, God forbid, put oil or salt on his salad for as long as I can remember.

Until I adopted a whole natural plant foods diet, I have been overweight all my life, I suffered from severe stomach pain, vomiting and allergies.

Now nutrition has become my passion and I want to help you regain your health as well!