The Unexpected Ways How Becoming Vegan Changes Your Outlook on Life

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Before we became whole food plant eaters, vegan was an odd word describing an odd person.

Are the animals that important?

What’s the big deal about eating some animal products?!

Do you really need to see the world in black vs white, meat eaters vs vegans?


We stopped eating animals but not for anybody or anything else but for the personal health gains that eating vegan offers.

Than, however, something strange happened.

Eating and living by the laws of nature truly changes your world view and personal perception.

It is uncanny.

At first you feel better physically.

The weight goes away and the energy shoots up through the roof.

You become agile and movement is no longer an enemy but a friend.

1. Your body now looks good and you love your body.

Beauty is health and health is beauty.

We are wired to appreciate the healthier people among us.

It’s simple survival psychology.

If the people around us are healthier, they can add more value to our group.

The weak and the ill cannot help our survival much and they never look good.

That said, it does not mean we should avoid or not help them.

Simply an unhealthy person is not as good looking as a healthy person.

So all the effort to enhance our beauty is, in essence, an effort to make us look healthier than we actually are!

When you eat whole plant foods, you become healthy.

Truly healthy.

So there is not much need to use as much cosmetics or fancy clothes or fragrances to hide the symptoms of ill health.

Your eyes are vibrant, no need for shadows or to pimp your eye lashes.

The skin is clear and soft.

You no longer smell bad so just a little deodorant, if any, is needed.

The special, expensive clothes you had to mask the insecurities about your body become unnecessary.

You radiate health and beauty with that simple $4 T-shirt that now looks as good as a $40 one.

2. You develop a better sense of smell

Gone are all the artificial and scented processed foods.

Gone is all the foul-smelling meat and dairy.

Gone are all those cosmetics you no longer need.

You even bought a more eco-friendly, less heavily scented laundry detergent.

You no longer excrete animal hormones and fats that make you sweat reek.

Now you eat whole natural plant foods, full of delicate natural flavors.

You use herbs and spices not oils and sugars to make your dishes taste good.

You have now learnt to appreciate the complex and beautiful aromas of plants.

Your nose no longer need to tolerate the artificial fragrances from your food or cosmetics.

You can smell so much better.

And you start to appreciate all aromas that you never noticed before.

3. You unlock you compassion and empathy

Not that eating meat means you have no compassion or empathy.

But in an odd way, when you eat and use animals, you need to lock away part of your compassion.

It’s strange.

We believe that by nature, none of us, humans, wants to hurt other animals but admire them, love them.

It is our nature to live in peace with other animals, observe them, help them when they are in need or cuddle and pet them.

That’s what Animal Planet or National Geographic are about.

We get emotional about helping animals in need, observing their wild nature or cuddling with them.

We do not salivate in front of our TVs thinking of eating them as dinner.

But when we eat animals, we need to somehow deal with the cognitive dissonance that ensues.

Eating or abusing an animal is against our nature so we lock some of our emotions away to justify the behavior.

When you realize you do not need to hurt anybody for your survival, you start appreciating life better.

And it truly feels great to be in sync with yourself.

We never expected it nor did stop consuming animal products for that feeling.

We think of it as the reward for living by nature’s laws.

4. You develop a deep appreciation for all life

When you get healthy, and vibrant, and alive, when the fog of ill-health that surrounded you dissipates, you feel truly thankful.

Thankful for being alive, thankful of every plant that provided you with sustenance…

Thankful that nature, in its magical complexity, exists; that the ecosystem of planet Earth is here and supports our lives.

You understand how much food matters.

How the processed foods that us, humans created in our ignorance are no match for what mother nature created.

When we ate a standard western diet full of processed junk and packaged dairy and meat, food was something that came from the supermarket, not the earth.

Now we understand that our life depends on the lives of all other creatures and plants.

We truly care for them because no factory can make true food.

5. You start to really care for the environment

You know what they say, fuel efficient cars and trucks are the answer.

We also need more eco-friendly factories.

But, hey, what can I, the little guy, do about it.

Some white-coated scientist will figure it out, surely.

This is how we are taught to think about solving the environmental crisis that’s burgeoning as we speak.

We really thought so ourselves.

Then, however, we became whole food vegans.

No alcohol, no processed beverages, no heavily packaged foods…

No meat or dairy that alone is responsible for 20% of all greenhouse emissions.

Not much cosmetics needs because our health is much better.

Less need for clothing.

Less consumption and less need to manufacture and transport these things across the world.

The list goes on and on and on.

Eating whole plant foods is soooo much less taxing to the environment.


I, the little guy, am not so little after all.

So we care for the environment because we know we depend on it and because we know we can do a lot about saving it.

6. You feel more fulfilled as a person

You are healthier.

You feel more beautiful.

You are in sync with your nature.

You have that sweet feeling of gratitude for being alive.

You feel empowered that your health and the health of the world actually depend of you.

For us, becoming whole food vegans brought a feeling of fulfillment and happiness.

It was the major step that put us on the road of living in the way nature intended us, humans, to live.

When we read the accounts of people who had traveled this road before us, it seemed odd, bizarre…

And it is odd, bizarre and truly beautiful.

Listen to nature.

And, always, seek health consciously.


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I’m Venny, I am a medical doctor and I believe great health stems from eating whole plant foods. Here you’ll find delicious (mostly) oil-free whole food, plant-based recipes and learn how food makes you healthy!

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