Practical Tips

How to Cook Delicious Food in a Healthy Way

Healthy eating means healthy food. 

What is healthy food actually, though?

Whole natural plant foods is what we believe humans should eat. 

And that’s all great, however, it only tells half the story. You see, that is what we should eat but doesn’t tell us how we should prepare it. 

See, a potato is what we could call a nutritionally complete food. It has all the essential amino acids (proteins), all the essential fatty acids (fats), it’s loaded with vitamin and mineral and is rich in satiating and health-promoting complex carbohydrates. 

All-in-all, potatoes are a great addition to your diet. French fries, though, are not.

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How to Feel Satiated with Whole Plant Foods

People always seem to ask what do we eat, when we tell them we do not consume animal products.

And they are right to wonder.

So did we when we started to eat healthfully.

It was quite a challenge in the beginning and we thought that we might starve it we continued this way.

We did not, though. We found health.

So, here’s how to feel satiated on a whole food vegan diet (or simply jump to our recipe section).

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Practical Tips for Clean Drinking Water

In this post, we explain why we are so concerned about water purity, how our concerns initially arose and what do we do to solve the problem.

We all know, at least on some deep unconscious level, that water from the tap is not really that safe to drink.

Are chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride, which are added to tap water, really safe? Is the water filtered well enough before it reaches our tap? Are the pipes completely free from corrosion?

We all seek ways to access clean, potable water that is free from both bacteria and chemicals. And it is because of such doubts that the bottled water industry is on the rise today.

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How to Choose Non-Toxic Kitchen Utensils and Accessories

The fact that the quality of our food affects directly our health and well-being is unquestionable.

Certainly, the most important part of eating good food is to buy quality ingredients. At the same time, the tools we use to prepare our food can have a huge impact on how healthy it is.

That is, we believe that we should be quite careful not to contaminate our food with toxins while we cook it.

Plastic has been known to leach toxins into food and, as it is so ubiquitous, we embarked on a quest to detox our kitchen from most plastic items.

The main reasons why we want to reduce, if not, completely remove plastic from our kitchen utensils are:

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Our Guide for Plastic-free Cooking Appliances

We’ve all heard that plastic is probably not the healthiest material to process and store our food in.

The thing is, though, that most kitchen appliances today are almost exclusively made from plastic.

And that begs the question: should you bother to look for plastic-free options or it’s not that important after all.

It all depends on the appliance and what are you gonna do with it.

Here’s how to choose.

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6 Health Considerations to Bear in Mind about Food in Plastic Packaging

Packaging plays an undeniably important role to protect and preserve our food, to keep it fresh, clean and safe.

There are different kinds of packaging such as paper or plastic. But which material is predominantly used? We all agree here – plastic.

If you look around in every shop, all you see are plastic wrappings. Be it fruits and vegetables, meat, cheese, bread, water… Even hot coffee, tea and other drinks for on the go are served oftentimes in plastic cups.

At the same time, the plastic packaging contains a number of chemicals that can be harmful to our health if they leach into the food we eat.

They are linked to disruptions of the endocrine system, play a role in unlocking allergies and asthma, among others. The chemicals are known to disturb the hormonal balance in our bodies and are especially toxic to young children.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Non-Toxic Cookware

Cooking is that uniquely human invention that allows us to pack a lot of nutrition into a single meal.

Food is instrumental for our health and for said food to be healthy, we need to make sure that it is not compromised by very utilities we use to cook it.

We can choose from a wide variety of cookware today. And since you are here, you probably know that much of it may be contaminating your food.

Our aim with this article is to provide you with the best information and advice about how to choose the cookware which keeps you healthy!

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4 Ways to Purify Your Tap Water

Clean water is a necessity for great health.

At the same time tap water is being polluted with all kinds of chemicals.

Some, such as chlorine, are added to sanitize the water and avoid outbreaks of infectious disease but also sanitize and damage our guts.

Other chemicals, such as those from industrial operations, find their way into the water supply and should be avoided.

People are aware of this problem and probably that is why bottled water sales are up.

However, bottled water is more difficult to obtain and is not necessarily pure.

Filtering water at home is way easier and is just as (or even more) healthier than buying bottled water.

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Dental Hygiene Tips for Excellent Oral Health

There hardly is anything in our bodies that we put more effort in prevention about than our teeth!

Most people we know of would brush their teeth at least once a day, many use mouthwash or floss. We simply know deep in our minds that keeping our teeth in good shape is vital to our survival, to the basic ability to feed ourselves.

Yet so many people, despite their best efforts, still have issues with their teeth. We know. We do.

Oral health is dependent on many factors. We already covered the role of diet, specifically sugar, and what is dental tartar and why it should be cleaned

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