Vegan Healthy Oats Apple Pie

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Delicious apple and walnuts with the inviting scent of cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla combined with oats, and the natural sweetness of dates. This apple pie is a perfect treat for you and your family that you can enjoy every day!

A plant-based recipe with only whole plant food ingredients! And no oil!

The Vegan Healthy Oats Apple Pie makes a great breakfast too. Incredible taste, everyone will love it!

It is super healthy, sugar-free, and oil-free! A taste of apples, walnuts, and dates, with an optional raspberry topping.

Puts the Healthy in a Pie

Normally, when I hear the word pie, ‘healthy’ is not what pops in my mind. Quite the contrary, actually.

Yet, this pie is nothing but healthy.

It is whole food, plant-based! No dairy or oil or sugar!

You get to eat a delicious pie that actually protects you against heart disease, diabetes, and obesity…

Since it’s made from whole food, it is super rich in fiber. Fiber is that indigestible starch that makes you feel full and flushes toxins out of the body.

And because all the ingredients are from whole plant foods, this pie is actually healthy food.

The whole wheat flour and oat provide slowly digestible complex carbohydrates that don’t overwhelm the body and fuel you for longer. They are also great sources of B vitamins, magnesium, and iron.

Dates might be sweet but they are a great source of potassium and help the body maintain the delicate sodium-potassium balance.

I also included walnuts to make sure you get those important Omega-3 fats that fight inflammation, protect the brain and build the cell membranes.

And berries. One of the healthiest foods, they are incredibly rich in antioxidants and phytochemicals. Berries also lower the overall glycemic effect of the pie so that your blood sugar stays more balanced.

All of that goodness is baked at a conservative, low temperature to preserve most of the nutrition.

How to prepare this Vegan Healthy Oats Apple Pie?

It is so simple, cinnamony and flavorful!

This soft and moist apple pie is so easy to make! Just follow the steps below.

In a large bowl combine the dry ingredients. I recommend using whole wheat flour instead of all-purpose flour, as it contains all the essential nutrients from the whole grain in it.

For a super healthy recipe, I don’t use any oil. This is a fat-free dessert that you will want to serve to your loved ones.

Then fold the wet ingredients, shredded apple, and chopped dates into the bowl as well.

I love using dates instead of sugar. They are whole food with all the fiber and healthy micronutrients in them. The natural sweetness of dates is bound with fiber, making it slowly digestible. Your blood sugar levels stay balanced and you can eat this apple pie with no regrets.

Chop the dates in a food processor for several minutes. You may add just a little water. The end result should be something thick like date paste.

Tip: When I use pitted dates they are often a bit dry and I prefer to soak them in warm water for about 10 mins. Then they become softer and juicier.

Mix everything with a spoon but don’t overmix it. Set it aside for about 10 mins for the oats to moisten.

The dough should be thicker than usual. Press it evenly into a 6 x 8-inch baking pan lined with parchment paper and bake.

Your kitchen will fill with the most enchanting scents of cinnamon and cardamom that will give you this cozy and warm feeling of home.

All that is left to do is the optional raspberry topping. Place the ingredients for the topping in a food processor and blend until smooth. Pour it over the Apple Pie and enjoy!

Why this Vegan Apple Pie is healthy for you?

It is:

  • Plant-based
  • Whole food
  • Vegan
  • Dairy-free
  • Egg-free
  • Oil-free
  • Sugar-free
  • Rich in fiber
  • Antioxidant-rich
  • Soft and moist
  • Super delicious!

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Vegan Healthy Oats Apple Pie

Vegan Healthy Oats Apple Pie

Yield: 12 pieces
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 50 minutes

Delicious apple and walnuts with the inviting scent of cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, combined with oats and natural sweetness of dates make this apple pie the perfect treat for you and your family!


For the Apple Pie

For the topping (optional)

  • ¾ cup raspberries, fresh or frozen
  • 3 tbsp water


  1. Preheat the oven to 320°F (160°C).
  2. Soak the dates in the one cup warm water for about 10 mins. Place them in a food processor and pulse until a smooth mixture is formed. You may need to add just a little water, to go easier. Save the water from the dates.
  3. In a large bowl combine the whole wheat flour, oats, cinnamon, cardamom, vanilla, and ground walnuts. 
  4. Mix the baking soda and apple cider vinegar in a small bowl. Then add them to the dry ingredients, together with the water from the dates, the chopped dates, and shredded apple.
  5. Mix everything well with a spoon until a sticky dough is formed. Set aside for 10 mins.
  6. Line a 6 x 8-inch baking pan with parchment paper. Press the dough evenly into the pan and bake for about 35 mins.
  7. Optional: for the topping, put the thawed raspberries in a food processor with three tablespoons of water until finely chopped.
  8. When the Oats Apple Pie is ready, allow it to cool on a baking rack before cutting.
  9. Then cut it into 12 bars and top with the raspberry topping. Sprinkle with some fine oats and enjoy!
Nutrition Information:
Yield: 6 Serving Size: 1
Amount Per Serving:Calories: 255Total Fat: 12gSaturated Fat: 1gTrans Fat: 0gUnsaturated Fat: 10gCholesterol: 0mgSodium: 214mgCarbohydrates: 33gFiber: 5gSugar: 7gProtein: 6g

Nutrition information isn’t always accurate.


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I’m Venny, I am a medical doctor and I believe great health stems from eating whole plant foods. Here you’ll find delicious (mostly) oil-free whole food, plant-based recipes and learn how food makes you healthy!

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