Simple, hearty recipes for health and joy!

Whole Foods, Plant-Based!

A delicious snack that is made only natural, whole food plant ingredients. Super easy and quick to make, it will satisfy you need for a tasty energy boost wherever your are without too much preparation. Super healthy and vegan, it is perfect for those of you who want to live healthfully or lose weight!
A super easy spread that is truly tasty. It might be simple but is whole food, plant based and thus superbly healthy. The spices I used are actually nutritional powerhouses that give this spread quite an enticing aroma. Enjoy this vegan spread on a loaf of whole wheat bread, in your burrito or on a leaf of lettuce. It will help you stay healthy and lose weight as well!
A delicious snack made with whole natural plant foods. Without any sugar or oil, this whole food, plant based cookies are a delightful way to boost your energy or enjoy a guilt-free moment of bliss! Truly nourishing, they will help you stay healthy and lose the extra weight!
Super healthy whole food plant-based burger patties. High in protein and healthy complex carbs, these vegan patties make a delicious meal that will help you lose weight and maintain optimal health. Enjoy them with some whole wheat bread as a burger or just take them as a snack.
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