Walking for Weight Loss (9 Steps to Success)

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Woman walking in a park

One of the easiest things to do in order to get in shape is walking.

Some people don’t join in on this activity because they believe it’s not really a workout. 

Well, walking may not sound like a big deal, but done right it can be an excellent addition to any weight loss program.

Some of the key benefits include…

  • Burning Fat
  • Improved Posture
  • Better Blood Flow…

So let’s take a look at how walking can be used to slim down. 

Most people are skeptical when they first hear about walking for weight loss, but hopeful that it will work.

This leads to the question…

Is it possible for me to lose weight only by walking?

No. But before you go, let’s talk about why.

If you want to lose weight using walking, there’s one equation you need to know. It is:

Walking + Healthy Whole Plant Foods Diet = Weight Loss

In fact, our 21-Day Weight Loss Challenge is about losing weight quickly with a healthy diet and walking!

And, let me share a secret with you about it…

You don’t need to do any exercise except for walking. No dumbbells, no squats, and no pushups.

If this shocks you, it shouldn’t.

A healthy diet and natural movement such as walking are nature’s way to keep us in shape!


How does walking help with weight loss?

Walking burns fat without making people too tired.  It’s less challenging than running, but it still helps to burn fat.

It’s also the most natural way for our bodies to move.

Walking is one of the best ways to improve circulation, allowing for nutrients to reach our cells and toxins to be removed more easily and efficiently.

A cleaner body is a leaner body!

Why Walking Daily Is So Great For Your Health

Woman walking down a small town street

1. It Can Be Done Anywhere

You can’t go wrong walking, it’s the perfect exercise for anytime and anywhere.

Often we have to take time out of our busy day to make sure that we get in at least part of a workout.

With walking, you don’t need any special equipment or even a gym membership; all you need is a great pair of walking shoes and you’re ready to go. 

2. It Burns Calories

Burning calories while walking may sound like an old wives tale, but walking can really burn some calories. 

You may be surprised to learn that walking is the number 1 way people use to lose weight; walking burns an average of 100-300 calories per mile.

3. It Helps Your Muscles Stay Healthy

Walking exercise for your legs and butt; it also helps improve circulation and raise your heart rate, both of which keep your muscles healthy. 

4. It Keeps You Healthy

Walking has been shown to improve your overall health. 

The more walking you do, the less chance that you will succumb to many illnesses and diseases such as heart disease and even cancer. 

Get walking!

5. It Improves Your Balance

As we age walking is an exercise that helps many of us to regain our balance. 

As walking improves your overall health, walking may help you prevent falls that cause broken hips and other hip-related injuries as well.

6. It’s Good For Your Mental Health

Regular walking can lower your risk of mental issues such as depression, stress, and anxiety by releasing endorphins. All three are linked to increased appetite and weight gain.

Walking is a great exercise for anyone of any age, it’s one of the few walking exercises for weight loss that can be done at any time.

Remember walking is something you may not want to miss out on; walking exercises your entire body!

7. It Keeps Your Brain Sharp

Recent studies revealed that walking for just 30 or 40 minutes at a moderate pace increases blood flow to your brain, even if you are 10 years old!

Walking at least 4 times a week also keeps your brain active!

This is because it takes a lot of mental work and focus to keep up with how you are positioning each foot to maintain balance while walking.

8. It Helps Your Mood

Woman and a child walking down a forest path and holding hands.

Walking can help lift depression, especially as you take the time to enjoy your surroundings.

Even if you don’t feel like getting out of bed, you can still walk!

If you have a difficult time exercising on days when you feel sad or depressed, walking is a great way to start moving without feeling overwhelmed by how much energy it takes.

9. It Lowers Your Blood Pressure

People who walk regularly have a lower blood pressure than people who don’t.

According to the American Heart Association, walking for 30 minutes every day can lower your systolic or diastolic blood pressure by about five points if you are currently overweight.

10. Walking Helps You Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Walking can help you feel more relaxed and therefore, get a better night’s sleep. 

Studies have shown walking improves your mood which can sometimes lead to trouble sleeping if you are stressed or in a bad mood. 

So walking helps to minimize those sleepless nights!

11. It’s Relaxing

There is simply no pressure!

Walking is a relaxing way to exercise, make new friends and meet people who share your interests.

12. It’s Free

Finally, it’s free. You don’t have to join a gym, buy expensive equipment or sign up for other services.

Just find a good pair of shoes and start walking!

What is the best time to go for a walk?

woman walking
  • First thing in the morning

Ideally, you should make time for a walk in the morning before your breakfast.

That is because it will help you to burn fat from your belly and also improve your digestion system.

You can increase the power of this exercise by walking on an empty stomach. If possible try to avoid either eating or drinking anything at least 30 minutes before the exercise

  • Right before lunch

It is also a good idea to take a half-hour walk right before lunch.

This is because exercise will help you manage your appetite and at the same time it is going to help you prevent from eating too much.

  • 10 minutes before dinner/Just after you get home from work

If possible, try taking a 10-minute brisk walk after dinner. That will help you burn more calories and also improve digestion.

  • At night before going to the bed

Finally, you can take a walk at night especially before going to the bed.

This workout is known to boost your metabolism as well as help you burn more fat from the body. If possible, perform a walking workout for 30 minutes just before going to bed so that it will help you sleep better.

9 Steps for Walking to Lose Weight

1. Walking is not a marathon or sprint.  

Remember that the main objective is to get up and move, just walk at a brisk pace on flat surfaces for 20-30 minutes per day.

Fast-paced walking while carrying a weighted barbell isn’t that different from walking at a relaxed pace when it comes to how many calories are burned.

Focus that energy on dieting properly, and leave the headband and pink dumbbells at home.

2. Find a walking buddy. 

Find someone interested in doing the same program as you and time your walks together.

A woman walking her dog in a field.

A study published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that people with a workout buddy lost more weight than those who exercised alone.

You can challenge each other to stay on track, or you can simply motivate each other to continue.

If you are not a morning person, there’s no shame in walking with your friend during the afternoon or early evening.

3. Don’t do all of your walking at once!

There is nothing wrong with splitting up your exercise into multiple sessions. If it’s easier for you to commit to a daily 10-minute walk, then do that.

If you struggle with the idea of doing one, 30 min walk per day, break it up into multiple sessions spread throughout the day. 

Just don’t forget to count your total walking time for the day when keeping track of your progress!

4. Don’t pass up the opportunity for some additional activity throughout the day. 

This one’s pretty simple: If you see an opportunity to walk during your day, take advantage of it!

If there’s a meeting down the hall that you have time to get to before everyone else, go ahead and take the stairs instead of the elevator.

If you’re driving home from work, park a little bit farther away from your house than normal to get in some extra steps.

Every little bit counts! 

5. Make it fun! 

If you get bored walking on a treadmill or going for long walks outside, try to change things up.

You can try using some exercise apps, or working out with a friend from time to time. If you have kids, get them involved in your walking program! 

Walking is a great way for families to spend some quality time together, and it’s also an opportunity to encourage your kids to get fit and strong at the same time.

You can even make it a game! Give your child a toy or a treat every 10 minutes, so they don’t get bored with the routine.

6. Walking is not an excuse to eat junk food! 

While it’s true that walking alone won’t cause you to gain weight, it’s important to remember that you’re still responsible for what goes into your body. There are plenty of great tasting food options out there that will keep you on track with your weight loss goals!

Skip the prepared foods whenever possible and cook from scratch instead. The recipes here, on WellnessDove, contain only healthy, unprocessed ingredients and are quite easy to make.

If you’re going out to eat with friends or family, look over the menu online beforehand and decide what you’re going to order before you get there. 

If you want to lose weight quickly, you can

7. Take advantage of nature’s walking track! 

If you live near a beach, lake, forest, or another outdoor area, make use of it as often as possible.

A young woman walking her 2 dogs near a lake.

Taking a walk with your family is a great way to get some exercise while simultaneously spending time together. 

It’s also an opportunity to catch up on the day’s events!

8. Walk in place instead of sitting down whenever possible. 

Your body does not distinguish between walking forward and walking in place – it only recognizes activity. 

If you’re feeling exhausted and not up for a full workout, but still need to move around for a while, see if you can find an area in your home to walk in place instead.

Maybe it’s the hallway or a longer stretch of space at your job. Remember that even small movements count! 

9. Turn your day into a walking routine! 

If you’re used to sitting at a desk all day, it’s going to be hard for you to get in an adequate amount of activity if that’s how you spend most of your time.

Change things up by taking some sort of physical break during the workday.  Maybe it’s a walk down the hall for a cup of coffee or a stroll outside on your break. If you’re in an office building, there are likely hundreds of places to go that might be only a few steps away!

Studies have shown that taking short walking breaks during the day can boost productivity and decrease stress.

There’s no better reason to get up from your desk and get moving!

When it comes to your weight loss efforts, it’s important to remember that walking is only one part of the picture. 

You can’t lose weight just by walking, but you can lose weight by walking and eating right!

Over time, your focus should shift more and more to nutrition rather than exercise. What’s important is that you find a healthy balance of both – not that you’re completely inactive for all your waking hours.

As we’ve noted, just walking by itself will not produce the weight loss benefits that 95% of people are looking for.

It must be paired with a healthy and effective diet like our 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge. It’s an effective way to lose 10-21+ pounds in just 3 weeks with no exercise, except for walking!

The 21 Day Weight Loss Challenge Cover Photo

If you feel it’s finally time to make some changes in your life, this is the ONE place to start. We will teach you how to lose weight and regain your health only through the power of healthy, natural plant foods!

Click here to start YOUR 21-Day Fat Loss Challenge today and get real results in just 3 short weeks!

I hope that you enjoyed my article on walking to lose weight or if you have any questions, please leave a comment below!


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