Our Story

Hi, I’m Venny and with my husband Andy, we created created WellenssDove to help you learn more about natural plant-based nutrition and how to apply it in our modern world.

Here follows our story about what led us on the path to seek health consciously.

You can check out our about page for more general information on our background before reading our story.

The trigger

Why and how we embarked on a more different quest for our health

It should have been a great time.

A couple years back we were just married and living in a nice new place in Germany. I had just started a promising medical career as a psychiatrist in a brand new, state of the art hospital.

On the surface, all was turning out fine. However, after just a couple of months, we started seeing the adverse effects of the actually stressful lifestyle we were living.

Our relationship was suffering more and more as each day passed by and ultimately, we decided that we needed a change.

A bit of retrospect

Andy was already suffering from pollen allergy and had too much weight basically since he was born. He tried to do all the eat less, exercise more thing only to regain the weight back again.

His allergy has first manifested itself when he was just 1 year old and was getting worse every year.

He tried to be healthy. The only alcohol he ever drank in his life were a few glasses of beer. Never put oil or salt on his salads.

I always knew I wanted to help people and that’s why I had just graduated medical school.

I believed that by being a doctor I could really heal people and change their lives.

Both these things, however, sadly or not, were about to change.

Shifting priorities

What also changed was our attitude towards our health.

We both did extensive blood tests only to find out how deep the stress had struck.

The stress of the new job, environment, yes. More importantly, though, the stress that being a doctor in that modern hospital with all the equipment and medications, realizing that drugs alone were simply unable to heal people. People need to change their habits, put some effort in order to help themselves heal.

My blood work results showed clear signs that a chronic autoimmune disease had been just unlocked.

This shocking revelation, which, in retrospect, was what triggered a profound change in our mindset.

It became clear to us that in our search for happiness and fulfillment, we had reversed the order of our priorities. Deep within ourselves, we value our emotional and physical health most but we had let the quest for outward professional success to overwhelm us.

That is why, from then on we went on a journey to discover ourselves, our priorities and reclaim our health.

Getting conscious about our health

We looked back and realized that we were not being consciously taking care of our own health.

Both of us had diseases, which were there because of the improper response of our immune system. Andy has had a number of allergies for almost two decades and now I had developed an autoimmune hypothyroidism.

These conditions are caused by a number of factors, however, we know now that our lifestyle, our food and the environment in which we live in can have a great effect on our immune system.

A slow journey

We would like to say that we had it all figured out at that point and we knew exactly how to proceed.

As with all things in life, it was not so.

We only shifted our direction and priorities back then to embark on a slow journey towards finding balance in life.

A journey that we are still, just a bit farther ahead.

Taking responsibility for our health

What has happened in the past years is that we are conscious about what we aim for.

We are conscious that in order to reclaim our health, we should be proactive.

Too often all of us, as a society, “outsource” the responsibility for our own health to others.

We know now that we should not rely solely on anybody else. We should be aware of our bodies and our environment.

For years, we believed that if something is sold on the market and has passed government regulations, it is then safe for us to use it.

We now know that it is our responsibility to keep ourselves informed about what is healthy for us and what is not.

We now know that it is as much our responsibility to look after our own health as it is our doctor’s.

We have shifted our mindset.

The Dive Deep Within

We started questioning everything we did.

We realized that we have been eating the foods everybody eats, wearing the clothes everybody wore, using the consumer products everybody used….

Somehow, we were putting in and on our bodies foods and chemicals that we did not actually know the effect they had on our health.

We realized that we were not actually in sync with our beliefs.

Andy’s instinct that led him to decide not to put oil and salt on his salad as kid or not to smoke and drink as a teenager had somehow lost its potency….

I went to medical school with the passion to cure disease and wound up simply managing symptoms….

We, as so many young people, had been driven by curiosity, creativity and certain insurgency and we decided that we were to seek our health and passions.

Re-surfacing as Ourselves

Sure, we reduced plastic, replaced our cosmetics and consumer chemicals with natural ones but by far, the biggest change was our diet.

We went plant-based on a whim and never looked back.

More importantly, however, we actually found our lost selves.

We realized we wanted, honestly, truly, to help people be healthy, to help people reinvent their health and find a bit more happiness in life.

That is why I studied medicine and became a doctor.

That is why Andy did a master’s in innovation across six countries and he’s doing a master’s in psychology today.

To help people change for the better.

We truly hope we do help you do so.

It is what, after all, gives us purpose.


Venny and Andy