Does Dairy Help You Lose Weight

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In a nutshell, no.

Why is it then that we constantly see ads of lean women eating yogurt? Muscular men drinking milk?

Well, advertisements are not educational material.

More importantly, though, we want the foods we like to be the foods that will make us healthy.

And people don’t simply like dairy, they love it.

Dairy, however, doesn’t love us back.

Dairy is addictive

Not figuratively, literally.

When we digest the casein protein in milk, morphine-like compounds are released into our blood. Dairy has drug-like addictive properties.

This is mother nature’s way to make sure that babies drink their milk. So when we eat dairy, we practically get drugged.

Cow’s milk has 10 times more casein than human breast milk.

So we are exposed to 10 times the addictive power than is normal for a human baby.

Casein is super concentrated in cheese

When cheese is made, water, lactose and whey proteins are removed.

That means that we eat even more casein. And more morphine…

Dairy is engineered to induce growth

Ok, so dairy is addictive but does that mean that it is bad for our waistline?

Cow’s milk has one purpose.

To make sure a 60 lbs calf become a 700 lbs cow in a year. That’s over 1000% the weight in only 365 days!!!

When we drink milk, the same thing happens to us.

We grow.

We cannot grow into a cow, thankfully. So we start growing sideways.

Cheese helps us grow fatter even faster.

Since cheese is simply a form of concentrated milk, it has more growth-promoting protein and is super high in fat.

Saturated fat that sticks easily to our bodies.

How does dairy make us fat, exactly?

First, contains IGF-1 and dairy protein stimulates the production of IGF-1.

That is Insulin-like Growth Factor 1. As you can judge by the name, this is a growth hormone. 

The most potent growth factor known to us.

It stimulates growth wherever possible. 

That is our fat tissues, in most cases.

Second, dairy is high in fat.

And just any kind of fat. It’s super high in the unhealthy saturated fat.

It sticks to our arteries, causing heart disease. 

It penetrates our tissues, leading to diabetes.

And it makes us fat.

We, humans, are plant eaters. We know the age-old wisdom to eat our vegetables.

And vegetables are low on fat and high on healthy complex carbohydrates and nutrients.

Fat makes us fat.

Dairy is unnecessary

It is a long discussion about the nutritional qualities of dairy.

However, it’s the lactation secretion of another mammal. Another mammal that eats grass and grains.

A mammal that eats plants and gets all its nutrition from plants. 

We are not babies who cannot digest their food so that we need milk.

We are humans who get their nutrition from food.

The cow eats grass, we eat green vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts…

It’s simple.

Don’t get your nutrition second hand in the form of milk.

Get it fresh and unprocessed through the plants.

And plants, well, they will not make you fat!


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