Quick Universal Cashew Sauce

Rich and creamy blend of raw cashew nuts, garlic, and nutritional yeast! Ready in just 5 minutes! This is one really quick and easy white vegan sauce recipe that pairs perfectly with all vegan nuggets, meatballs, roasted veggies, potatoes, pizzas…everything that you can think of!  The creamiest vegan sauce ever! Definitely one of our favorites! … Read more

Almond & Nutmeg Sauce | Whole Natural Plant Foods

Simple, yet tasty plant-based almond sauce. Spiced with nutmeg, the sauce has a unique aroma and is full of flavor. We added a bit of basil to add freshness and you can really tell the difference. To make it the healthiest possible, we used only whole plant foods with raw almonds, not even almond milk! … Read more

Creamy Walnut & Cashew Sauce

Super creamy, delicious sauce with rich flavor! Whole food ingredients with no processed oils and gluten-free. We used only whole blended nuts to create a fiber-rich but creamy delight! Just the perfect combination to stay satisfied and lean! Easy to make as well, just in 5-minutes! Goes very well with our delicious Baked Arabic Veggie … Read more

Easy Garlic Tahini Sauce

Easy 5-minute plant-based tahini sauce with garlic flavor. With fresh mint for added nutrition and fresher taste. Creamy and light, it adds juiciness to meals without masking their taste. With only whole natural plant foods to keep you healthy and help you maintain or lose your weight. Combines well with our Oil- and Gluten-free Baked … Read more

Easy Oil-free Creamy Peanut Sauce

This easy 5-minute, oil-free peanut sauce goes well with almost everything. Super healthy whole plant food. Delicious and creamy, you might even feel guilty that you are overindulging yourself! Oil-free, of course! We even swapped peanut butter for whole peanuts to make this sauce one of the healthiest you can make! Optimized for Great Health … Read more