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What Whole Plant Foods Are

A plant-based diet, a vegan diet, a whole foods plant-based diet…

They all seem to be used interchangeably by some but can have a vast difference for others.

At WellnessDove we think that there is a difference so here is what we understand by a whole plant foods.

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The Allure of Processed Junk Foods Explained

What is food?

A simple question that everybody can answer.

Yet, the answers people give can be quite surprising.

Food can be fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and even… a candy bar!

A candy bar is in essence super concentrated empty calories. But for some people it is food!


Why, when we know that fruits and vegetables are best for us, do we eat processed foods?

What makes them so alluring?

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Is Gluten Harmful and Should You Avoid it?

Gluten-free is the new buzzword in the health food stores.

It seems that flour products have suddenly become a hazard for our health.

Somehow we find it strange that a staple food of civilization has suddenly become the villain of modern health.

Simply put, the wheat we consume today is very different to the wheat varieties of old. And we are no longer eating whole wheat products.

However, in any case gluten can truly have some ill-effects on your health. Here’s why and what you can do about it.

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Carbs are NOT a Villain

Carbohydrates have been getting a lot of bad press for quite a while now.

And still, everybody loves them and it seems that everybody cannot resist the guilty pleasure of enjoying them even if they know that they should not.


It’s rather simple, actually. Carbohydrates are the cleanest and best fuel for humans.

It is what most of us think what carbs are that is the problem.

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Why You Do Not Need a Sugary Treat to Boost Your Energy

We  all have felt that need to fill up on something sugary when we are tired.

The quick get-up-and-go effect of sweet foods is a sure way to quickly fuel up our brain and body.

Yet, it’s common knowledge now that sugar is not a friend to human health.

Highly glycemic foods send sugar into the bloodstream way faster than you could use it up. The pancreas is overworked to release way more insulin than is natural and insulin… Well, high insulin promotes growth, among else, to your fat tissues, causes you to age faster and all kinds of other mischief.

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Gluten Is Not as Unhealthy as You Might Think

Gluten is a humble protein in wheat that makes bread rise.

It has also become a culprit for the worsening health of our society.

Gluten-free foods are becoming a common sight not only in health stores but in any given supermarket.

And for a good reason – gluten can truly be the reason why you have allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases or else.

Should you forget about your favorite bread then?

Thankfully, the answer is NO!

Poor old gluten is not to blame. What we have done with the wheat mother nature gave us, is!

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Subtle Ways to Include Broccoli in Your Daily Menu

How often do you eat broccoli weekly? 

Not as often as you would like, I guess. 

Sometimes we absolutely forget about this extremely rich in nutrients vegetable. Look at it its color, though. So green, so healthy and beautiful.

It is like its screaming: “I’m so good for you! Eat me, please, EAT ME!”

Broccoli is rich in so many essential nutrients, microelements, and vitamins (iron, vitamin C, to name a few). It contains a lot of antioxidants, which slow down the aging of the body (even wrinkles!). It also boosts our immune system and prevents disease.

Yet, here comes the challenge.

Its specific taste makes it often times not our choice of preference. Especially when it comes to children, pleasing their taste with broccoli is not an easy endeavor.

With some creativity, though, it is absolutely feasible to include broccoli in our daily menu without sacrificing taste.

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Oral Health & Sugar: How to Eat Sugar with the Least Damage to Our Teeth

Oral health is fundamental to our general well-being not only because it directly affects our ability to feed but also because dental disease can cause or is the cause of other health problems throughout our bodies.

Dental problems are mainly caused by insufficient oral hygiene and an unbalanced diet. We have already covered why is hygiene important and how do we clean our teeth, so here follow our concerns about what we consume and its effect on dental health.

We will cover objectively the major causes of oral problems in this post. Personally, we try to follow this advice as closely as possible without actually forgetting to live!

What is sugar?

Technically, the term sugar can be used for all carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates, in themselves, are the best source of calories for humans and should not be avoided. And most of them do not taste sweet.

The sweet-tasting, simple sugars are generally considered to have ill-effects on your health. They are also what most of us understand by the term sugar and what we mean when we say ‘sugar’ in this post.

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