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Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune system

There is always that time of the year when seasons change.

Temperatures swing from high to low and so often our bodies cannot adapt quickly enough.

It is clear that cold and damp weather is the time when we should be more careful. This is the time when our organism is most susceptible to infections and our immune system has to work overtime.

Then add into account all those other obvious risk factors that suppress our immune system.

The polluted air we breathe in. Our Diet. The level of stress in our everyday life and insufficient rest most of us get. And all those negative emotions as well.

Clearly, we should do our best to help our immune system cope with all that.

Is there anything that can boost our immune system and we don’t get sick so often?

Yes! There is and it can be so easy and natural. Harmless and inexpensive as well without side effects. 

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Subtle Ways to Include Broccoli in Your Daily Menu

How often do you eat broccoli weekly? 

Not as often as you would like, I guess. 

Sometimes we absolutely forget about this extremely rich in nutrients vegetable. Look at it its color, though. So green, so healthy and beautiful.

It is like its screaming: “I’m so good for you! Eat me, please, EAT ME!”

Broccoli is rich in so many essential nutrients, microelements, and vitamins (iron, vitamin C, to name a few). It contains a lot of antioxidants, which slow down the aging of the body (even wrinkles!). It also boosts our immune system and prevents disease.

Yet, here comes the challenge.

Its specific taste makes it often times not our choice of preference. Especially when it comes to children, pleasing their taste with broccoli is not an easy endeavor.

With some creativity, though, it is absolutely feasible to include broccoli in our daily menu without sacrificing taste.

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