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The Unexpected Ways How Becoming Vegan Changes Your Outlook on Life

Before we became whole food plant eaters, vegan was an odd word describing an odd person.

Are the animals that important?

What’s the big deal about eating some animal products?!

Do you really need to see the world in black vs white, meat eaters vs vegans?


We stopped eating animals but not for anybody or anything else but for the personal health gains that eating vegan offers.

Than, however, something strange happened.

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Cooking Is Not a Chore, It’s a Privilege

A friend asked us recently how can he eat healthfully when he had only 15 minutes in the morning for preparing and eating his food.

Naturally, at first, we gave ideas about what he could do so in such a short time.

Prep some sandwich dip in advance, prepackage smoothie ingredients and freeze them…

Later that day, however, it dawned on us.

You never ever don’t have time for cooking and eating.

You prioritize not to.

What we eat determines our health and the state of our health determines our happiness. So, well, discarding food as a chore is, frankly, at best ignorance.

Ignorance that may cost us a lot down the line.

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What Carbs Are and Why You Need Them

It seems that a healthy diet cannot be described without mentioning carbs.

They are more often than not vilified as the main culprit for the health crisis that we face today.

Yet, few people understand what carbohydrates actually are and the role they play in our bodies.

Without them, you will practically cease to exist.

Carbs are actually an all-important nutrient and energy source.

Here’s why.

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How to Eat Carbs and Lose Weight

Carbs have been getting a bad press lately.

Cutting down on carbs has been promoted as a way to get lean and healthy.

However, most people don’t really understand what carbohydrates actually are, let alone how to avoid them.

And since carbohydrates are the main fuel for your brain and muscles, it is important to understand how and why they impact your health and waist.

Naturally, there are good and bad carbs.

Here’s how to choose the good ones and lose the extra weight in the process.

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How We Store Energy After We Eat

The more we eat the fatter we get.

Or that’s what most of us are led to believe.

It is true, though, and why it is that some foods might make us fatter fast while others do not seem to be making such an impact on our waistlines?

Part of the answer lies in understanding what our energy sources are and how our bodies actually store the excess energy.

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What Whole Plant Foods Are

A plant-based diet, a vegan diet, a whole foods plant-based diet…

They all seem to be used interchangeably by some but can have a vast difference for others.

At WellnessDove we think that there is a difference so here is what we understand by a whole plant foods.

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The Allure of Processed Junk Foods Explained

What is food?

A simple question that everybody can answer.

Yet, the answers people give can be quite surprising.

Food can be fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy and even… a candy bar!

A candy bar is in essence super concentrated empty calories. But for some people it is food!


Why, when we know that fruits and vegetables are best for us, do we eat processed foods?

What makes them so alluring?

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Is Gluten Harmful and Should You Avoid it?

Gluten-free is the new buzzword in the health food stores.

It seems that flour products have suddenly become a hazard for our health.

Somehow we find it strange that a staple food of civilization has suddenly become the villain of modern health.

Simply put, the wheat we consume today is very different to the wheat varieties of old. And we are no longer eating whole wheat products.

However, in any case gluten can truly have some ill-effects on your health. Here’s why and what you can do about it.

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Carbs are NOT a Villain

Carbohydrates have been getting a lot of bad press for quite a while now.

And still, everybody loves them and it seems that everybody cannot resist the guilty pleasure of enjoying them even if they know that they should not.


It’s rather simple, actually. Carbohydrates are the cleanest and best fuel for humans.

It is what most of us think what carbs are that is the problem.

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Why You Do Not Need a Sugary Treat to Boost Your Energy

We  all have felt that need to fill up on something sugary when we are tired.

The quick get-up-and-go effect of sweet foods is a sure way to quickly fuel up our brain and body.

Yet, it’s common knowledge now that sugar is not a friend to human health.

Highly glycemic foods send sugar into the bloodstream way faster than you could use it up. The pancreas is overworked to release way more insulin than is natural and insulin… Well, high insulin promotes growth, among else, to your fat tissues, causes you to age faster and all kinds of other mischief.

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Gluten Is Not as Unhealthy as You Might Think

Gluten is a humble protein in wheat that makes bread rise.

It has also become a culprit for the worsening health of our society.

Gluten-free foods are becoming a common sight not only in health stores but in any given supermarket.

And for a good reason – gluten can truly be the reason why you have allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases or else.

Should you forget about your favorite bread then?

Thankfully, the answer is NO!

Poor old gluten is not to blame. What we have done with the wheat mother nature gave us, is!

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Diet and Asthma: Why Plant Foods Might Hold the Cure

Asthma is a condition which is affecting more and more people each year.

It basically is chronic inflammation of the lungs which makes them sensitive to certain inhaled substances.

Obviously, the obvious cause has to be the rising levels of air pollution.

Can it also be, though, that the food we eat could have a direct connection with how severe the asthma attacks are or if we develop asthma at all?!

Personally, we have seen first hand how after going plant-based, Andy is now off his allergy medication.

So we decided to explore and once again discovered how centering your diet on whole plant food is the path towards great health.

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Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune system

There is always that time of the year when seasons change.

Temperatures swing from high to low and so often our bodies cannot adapt quickly enough.

It is clear that cold and damp weather is the time when we should be more careful. This is the time when our organism is most susceptible to infections and our immune system has to work overtime.

Then add into account all those other obvious risk factors that suppress our immune system.

The polluted air we breathe in. Our Diet. The level of stress in our everyday life and insufficient rest most of us get. And all those negative emotions as well.

Clearly, we should do our best to help our immune system cope with all that.

Is there anything that can boost our immune system and we don’t get sick so often?

Yes! There is and it can be so easy and natural. Harmless and inexpensive as well without side effects. 

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